Happy National Doctors Day

National Doctors Day is March 30th 2016

We would like to take this day to appreciate our fourth year interns as they are so close to becoming doctors!

For many years now Specialty Eyecare Group has accepted optometry students into the practice during their fourth year of school. Colleges of Optometry throughout the United States all require their students to travel from clinic to clinic during their last year of study to see patients hands on and to learn from their advising doctors. Some colleges require their students to have approximately three-four month rotations or complete four-three month rotations prior to graduating and receiving their diploma and doctorate.

Many of these students travel vastly across the united states and even outside of the country to Europe or Germany while some choose to do a rotation at their school’s clinic.

Currently Specialty Eyecare Group accepts students from Pacific College of Optometry, Indiana College of Optometry and Southern College of Optometry, all of which are prestigious Optometry schools. Three of our doctors; Drs. David and Kristi Kading and Dr. Charissa Young completed their schooling at Pacific University and Dr. Katherine Shen attended State University of New York College of Optometry in New York City. All four doctors then went on to compete residencies or fellowships to further their specialties.

All of the interns that complete a rotation at Specialty Eyecare Group have an extensive list of requirements they must complete in order to “pass” that rotation. In addition to seeing a high number of specialty cases during their time with us they must complete the following:

  • Attend community meetings and pharmaceutical dinners

  • Complete a thorough research project
  • Review and present 3 journal articles
  • Train the office staff and deliver an office presentation
  • Write and publish articles

We enjoy each of our interns and get to learn so much about them before saying goodbye and welcoming a new young soon to be doctor into our clinic.

Currently we have two, final rotation interns, Gabriel Fickett and Sean Cudahy, both of which will graduate in May and become doctors then moving on with their careers!

Gabriel “Gabe” Fickett

My name is Gabe Fickett and I’m a fourth-year student from the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, TN. I first decided to pursue a career in optometry because I’m passionate about helping others and I’m passionate about science. Optometry is an ideal intersection of these two core interests. Since getting deeper into the world of eye care, I’ve found that I’m most enthusiastic about treating eye diseases–helping to restore patients’ eye health and wellness. Upon graduation from SCO, I’ll be heading off to Boston for a residency at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary to further pursue this area of interest as I look to be able to provide the best possible disease care for my future patients.

Sean Cudahy

Growing up I spent many days and a good portion of summer vacation in my Dad’s optometry office. So naturally [as a young boy] when someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would say Air Force Pilot. Fast forward a decade and I had gained a great appreciation for the work my Dad did and the Father it allowed him to be. I knew that I wanted the same fulfillment in both personal and professional success I witnessed growing up. I then decided to begin my path to become an Optometrist. I chose to attend Pacific University College of Optometry in Forest Grove, OR. During school we had opportunities to develop interests specialty areas such as contact lenses, vision therapy, and ocular disease. During school I was most excited about ocular disease but then what happened next changed my course and outlook forever…

Our interns have some great stories to share with us re-instilling our love to treat and help others

… We just had our first course on pediatric optometry and I was excited for the opportunity to try examining an infant. Luckily for me 8 months previous my wife gave birth to our first born, a little baby boy. I went home and used the techniques I had just practiced to examine my sons eyes. The prescription I found was very high for someone his age. So I went to my neighbor (a fellow classmate) and had him come over and verify my findings. Maybe I was doing something wrong I thought, but sure enough he found a very similar result. We made an eye exam appointment for him the next day with the pediatric resident at the school. Through further testing in office his prescription was higher than we had measured. If no intervention would have been taken, my child risked never being able to see clearly (amblyopia) and thus impacting his future performance and ultimate enjoyment of life. At first my wife and I were quite shocked as neither of us need eye correction. I felt personally guilty that I should have found his condition earlier and that I had failed at protecting my son. The resident and doctors were very kind and spent time talking with my wife and I about the condition, immediate treatment plan and future treatments if needed. We started with prescribing him glasses at 8 months of age. He is now 3 years and the glasses helped the development of vision catch up and normalize. He will be in glasses/contacts throughout his life. This event propelled my interest in Pediatric eye care and exams.Through my various internship sites including here at Speciality Eyecare Group I have developed the skills and knowledge needed to assist other infants and children. I look forward to helping our little ones enjoy and excel in life.

Good luck Dr. Fickett and Dr. Cudahy!

From all of us here and our patients, we wish you a great end to your final intern rotations and success in your future endeavors! The Field of optometry is a very rewarding career path and we have enjoyed getting to know you.

Happy National Doctors Day