Dr. Kristi Kading

DR. KRISTI KADINGDr. Kristi Kading primarily sees pediatrics (infants, children, teens) and adults who have problems with eyes misaligning (strabismus), lazy eye (amblyopia), double vision, acquired or traumatic brain injury, or eye problems that get in the way of learning, playing, and working efficiently and comfortably. Dr. Kristi Kading is residency trained and is board certified in visual development and Optometric Vision Therapy.

Dr. Kristi Kading grew up in Lynden, Washington. She received her doctor of Optometry from Pacific University College of Optometry. Dr. Kristi was asked to be the first Pediatric, Binocular Vision and Rehabilitation resident for Pacific University. Her residency training included pediatric eye care, vision therapy, the Pediatric and Strabismus Referral Center, and rehabilitative vision treatment. She worked in conjunction with Oregon Health Science University (OHSU) co-managing pediatric cases and patients with strabismus or amblyopia.

She has a passion for children’s eye care and vision development. She specializes in pediatric and teen eye care, patients with vision related learning problems, vision therapy, and adult patients that have strabismus, amblyopia, or visual problems after acquired brain injury. Dr. Kristi Kading co-manages patients with acquired brain injury with Evergreen Health’s Rehabilitation Center. Dr. Kristi is a consultant for Johnson and Johnson’s vision care department for topics related to pediatric eye care and contact lens technology. She enjoys lecturing nationally to parent groups, schools, and other physicians. She speaks in the Evergreen Hospital parent-baby classes regularly. She is very involved with Chair of the Children’s Vision Task Force for the Optometric Physicians of Washington and actively volunteers many hours with the InfantSEE® program, a national public health program that provides complimentary comprehensive eye assessments for infants 6 months to 1 year old. Dr. Kristi is a fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and is board certified in visual development and vision therapy through the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD).

She enjoys volunteering in the local community with Children’s Vision Task Force projects as well as global community with eye care missions. In her free time Dr. Kristi likes to travel, run, spend time with her family, and scrapbook.

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