Polaroid Polarized Sunglasses

Polaroid Polarized Sunglasses Are Picture Perfect

When you think of polaroid you may initially think of snapping a quick photo you can immediately pin to your wall. You may be surprised to learn, however, that camera lenses aren’t the only ones that carry the Polaroid name. Polaroid Polarized Lenses Help You See The Real Picture For over 75 years, Polaroid Polarized…

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New Diopsys Equipment

Diopsys ERG and VEP Vision Testing Systems Beginning this May we will be introducing our new Diopsys ERG and VEP Vision Testing Systems at our Kirkland location. This machine will change the way we are able to diagnose allowing our doctors to collect more pieces of the puzzle. Diopsys is the leader in providing ophthalmologists…

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Print vs. Digital: Which Is Better For Your Eyesight?

Is Digital Media Bad for Your Eyes? WHEN IT COMES TO READING, there are some key differences between computer screens, e-readers, and printed books and newspapers. The question is, how does each affect our eyes? Reading On A Screen May Make Our Eyes Work Harder Computer screens, smartphones, and tablets display text and images differently…

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Smartphone Excess and Acquired Esotropia

Special thanks to our referring pediatric ophthalmologist, Dr. Tom Lenart, for sharing this interesting and important article with THE VISIONHELP BLOG. Dr. Lenart specialized in treating many eye issues, specifically lazy, crossed or wandering eyes. We have the privilege to share care of select patients with Dr. Lenart making sure they receive the best possible…

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Eating Clean for Optimal Eye Health

The old wives tale of eating carrots to improve your eye health is just that, a tale. What foods should you be eating? Our very own Dr. David Kading was just recently featured on Radio MD for a segment speaking on the benefits of eating clean and how it correlates to our eye health. Eating…

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Did You Know These 6 Eye Facts?

Our sense of vision is a wonderfully beautiful and complex part of our everyday life. On an average day it may be easy to take it for granted, but it’s important to take time to recognize what makes all of that beauty possible—our eyes! We’d like to celebrate our fascinating eyes by sharing with you…

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Happy National Doctors Day

National Doctors Day is March 30th 2016 We would like to take this day to appreciate our fourth year interns as they are so close to becoming doctors! For many years now Specialty Eyecare Group has accepted optometry students into the practice during their fourth year of school. Colleges of Optometry throughout the United States…

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iOS 9.3 Update

iOS 9.3 is now available for download and it may actually help you get a better nights sleep You may or may not know that blue light is very harmful to your eyes and more and more research is beginning to come out on this hot topic. We are surrounded by electronics, compact florescent bulbs…

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Spring Is Here!

SPRING HAS SPRUNG here at Specialty Eyecare Group! The beautiful sunshine, blooming flowers, and warmer weather have us feeling grateful for this wonderful season. To welcome the incoming spring, we’d like to share what puts a spring in our step this time of year! What We Love About Spring Jordan: I love spring because the…

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Make Eye Injury Prevention A Priority

Every time we open our eyes we are reminded of the remarkable gift of sight! Whether you’re watching the sunset or seeing your child take their first steps, your eyes allow you to see some pretty amazing things. Sadly, each year about one million eye injuries occur in the United States–90 percent of which could…

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