from Ken

I have a cornea disease called Keratoconus.  A couple of years ago I undertook a surgical procedure in my left eye that did not obtain the desired result and I wound up with worse vision than I had before the surgery.  I was then legally blind in that eye.  I then spent a year with two different ophthalmologists trying to fit a contact lens that would correct my vision to a reasonable level.  The best they could get was 20/80. I was then referred to Dr. David Kading by a family optician.  He spent 6 months working with me on a variety of different lenses and eventually found a unique one that corrected my vision to 20/20.  He kept saying, “just be patient, Ken and I will get this figured out”.

And, boy was he right.  I am now back to playing volleyball on a National Sr. team and my golf game is again tolerable.  Miracles do happen. Thank you Dave.