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Can you wear Gas-Permeable Contact Lenses after Cataract Surgery?

Optometrist pointing at the lens of an eye on a cross section 3D model.

Contact lenses can be a great vision correction option for years, even if cataracts start to cloud your vision. But as the cataracts continue to develop, they’ll get to a point where surgery is your best route for clear vision. For some patients, cataract surgery allows them to see at all distances without vision correction. […]

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How Long Does Vision Therapy Take?

A child undergoes a convergence-divergence test using vectograms with polarized lenses.

Vision therapy is an incredible tool that has been used for decades to help adult and child patients with a multitude of visual disorders. It also helps improve learning, memory, thinking, executive functions, and attention. Vision therapy is well-researched and the brain science helping us understand how it works keeps getting better and better. The […]

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Can Keratoconus Be Cured?

A person with keratoconus in their right eye

When we think of an eyeball, we generally imagine it being perfectly round. However, there are many corneal irregularities that can change the shape of the eye, like keratoconus. Irregularly shaped corneas change how the eye looks, and how light is refracted to the back of the eye, which creates the crisp image we see. […]

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