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What Are the Best Contacts for Astigmatism?

A woman at a mirror placing a contact lens into her right eye.

Almost anyone can wear contact lenses with an expert fitting, but even now, people are denied contact lenses for hard-to-fit eyes—or live with uncomfortable contacts. At Specialty Eye, our eye care team has completed advanced training in fitting specialty contact lenses for every unique set of eyes, including those with astigmatism. You have many options […]

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Can you wear Gas-Permeable Contact Lenses after Cataract Surgery?

Optometrist pointing at the lens of an eye on a cross section 3D model.

Contact lenses can be a great vision correction option for years, even if cataracts start to cloud your vision. But as the cataracts continue to develop, they’ll get to a point where surgery is your best route for clear vision. For some patients, cataract surgery allows them to see at all distances without vision correction. […]

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